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Early in the summer of 1969, the US Army, with little fanfare introduced the new sniper rifle XM-21 into Vietnam. The weapon was developed by the Limited Warfare Agency of the Army Research Command and built by Rock Island Arsenal (less than 1500 wooden stock XM-21s were initially built). With the rifle came a tactics package from the Infantry School and training from the Army Marksmanship Detachment, Ft Benning, GA. Building on the experience of its earlier sniper program the Army proceeded to train and field sniper teams with each Infantry battalion and in some cases, with each maneuver company in the battalions. The new weapon coupled with the advanced training and tactics made these sniper teams far superior to any other snipers in the war zone.

In I CORPS the training site for the Sniper School was established by the 101st Airborne Division and selected soldiers from the 1st BDE 5th Division were in the first classes. They included soldiers from the 1st BN 61st Infantry. Awarded the coveted Sniper Patch and Sniper Rating, these men quickly made their presence known in field.

Additional pictures of snipers in 1/61 are found at Thumbnails-Vietnam page 5.  

	The M21 is essentially a modified M14 National Match rifle. 
Caliber:	7.62x51mm NATO 
Capacity:	20 or 5 round detachable box magazine
Weight:		11.25 lbs
Length:		44.1"
Barrel:		Match Grade 22 inches
Trigger Pull:	4 1/2 pound match two-stage military trigger
Sight:		Leatherwood 3X-9X Adjustable Ranging Telescope
The current US Army Sniper Training Manual FM 23-10 can be viewed here.