COL James Gibson, BDE CMDR, with the BDE Color Guard, presents arms after the award of the Vietnamese Cross of Gallentry with Gold Palm to the 1st BDE 5th MECH at a ceremony in Hue, South Vietnam.
The Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry was awarded by the Army of South VIETNAM to both individuals and to units. When awarded to individuals it was awarded with Silver Star (the equivalent to the US Army Silver Star) or with Bronze Star (equivalent to the US Bronze Star). When awarded to units it is always with Gold Palm. As with US unit awards, all personnel in the unit during the period of action for which the award is given may wear the award at all times. Individuals not in the unit during the designated period wear the award only while assigned to the unit. As a foreign decoration, the Vietnamese Cross may not be worn until the award is approved by the US Department of State. That approval is then passed to the Department of Army and a General Order for the award is published, in this case DA GO 43, 1970.