DUANE (REDD) CARR What you see here is SP4 Duane M (Redd) Carr on board the hospital ship USS Repose. He was the driver of Tank 66, B Company 1/77 when, after relieving an ambushed company of 1/11 troops, the tank column he was leading was also ambushed by a superior enemy force. Infantry from 1/11 to include the BN CO (LTC Walt Bixton) were riding on the tank when it was hit. Redd was hit in right side of his forehead, blinded but still alert enough to keep his tank moving out of the kill zone. For his actions he was awarded the Bronze Star with V and is being presented with it in this picture by LTG Melvin Zais, the XXIV Corps Commander. You would think that with a three star in the room the least Redd could do is sit up and look military. But on the other hand, he was a tanker. Actually after more than a week on the Repose and 45 days in a hospital in Japan he returned to the USA for additional treatment. He has since regained his vision and is currently a member of the Society of the Fifth Division. And the father of five children that, along with his wife, deeply love him.