1. Let's take the trail, it'll be easier.
2. Yea I'm awake, nothing out there but a "Fuck You" lizard.
3. It's just a Ranger Raid, you won't need food and water. It'll be over fore ya know it.
4. Hell, old papa san's been sniping at the bunker line all day, he can't hit shit.
5. You won't need that rubber, they made up the story about the black stuff just to scare us.
6. Yea I'm sure the fuse is long enough.
7. I put the blasting caps in the Claymore when I carry 'em to save time setting 'em up.
8. Let's ask the LT how to do it, he's been to OCS.
9. Sure I know how to disarm booby traps.
10. I'm from Texas, water buffalos are just like cows, watch me ride it.
11. Diesel fuel is too slow, I got some aviation gas to speed shit burning up.
12. They mortar us every night at 8:00 and it's only 7:30, we got plenty of time for another beer 'fore we got to head for the bunkers.
13. Ok course I unloaded it, you wanna a shotgun or not?
14. I'm short, they won't send me out a mission.
15. I'll teach the FNG guy the ropes.
16. Let's wait for the helo's on the LZ so the pilots can see us.
17. I'm sure these are the right coordinates, go ahead and drop the napalm.
18. Everybody get some frags and follow Anderson, hahahahahaha.
19. Look, they got green snakes in Nam. I'm gonna catch it.
20. RPG's can't penetrate a M-48 tank, let's ride in it.

And my favorite:
Military Intelligence says there's no NVA in the area. Should be an easy mission, hahahahah.