The following entries, as they apply to the 1st BN 61st INF, are extracts taken from the
1st BDE 5th INF DIVISION Combat Operations After Action Report.

MONTANA MUSTANG -- 080001H Apr 71 to 111200H Jul 71:
[Note: All security classifications have expired.]

[Web Masters Note: These are actual After Action Reports. They were signed by the BN Cmdr and then incorporated into the BDE Cmdrs report. While I have changed the format slightly, the words have not been changed and misspellings and typos have been faithfully reproduced. The Significant Events display is of particular interest. It is normally taken from the BN Operations radio log and is an accurate portrayal of what happened when. In the heat of battle rumors take on a life of their own and while sometimes WIAs later become KIAs the facts presented here are just that, facts.]

Commanding General, 1st Inf Bde, 5th Inf Div (M)
BG John G. Hill Jr. 08 April - 19 May 1971
BG Harold H. Dunwoody 19 May - 11 July 1971

Commanding Officer, 1st Bn, 61st Inf (Mech)
LTC Arnold S. Stallman 08 April - 11 July 1971

(C) Concept of Operation:
The 1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division (Mech) conducted operations with TF 1-61 in AO Orange, TF 1-11 in AO White, TF 3/5 in AO Green, TF 1-77 initially in Mai Loc District, and D/3-5 Air Cav in the Recon Zone to locate and destroy enemy forces, eliminate VCI, conduct reaction/exploitation operations and assist in pacification and Vietnamization in Quang Tri Province. Additional AO's were granted for special missions such as AO Blue where TF 3-5, in conjunction with RF/PF units, conducted rice denial operations. During the operation units continued to conduct Quarterly Refresher Training. This necessitated changes in control of AO's. Near the end of the operation the Brigade began a phased withdrawal from AO Orange relinquishing control to the ARVN Forces.

(C) Execution:
a. In AO Orange TF 1-61 provided security for FSB's C-2 and A-4, while continuing to conduct reconnaissance operations along the southern boundary of the DMZ. Elements from each of the other Task Forces were frequently placed under operational control of TF 1-61. In addition the battalion was tasked with the responsibility of supporting ARVN Forces through blocking positions and supporting fires.

(C) Administrative Matters:
(a) Civic Action:
The 1st Battalion, 61st Infantry (Mech), S-5 has supported two major projects in Cam Lo, the creation of a memorial park in honor of the soldiers from Cam Lo who died during the war and the construction of a soccer field. The memorial park, known as Yellowstone Park, was partially completed by the Marines prior to leaving the AO. The project was completed using salvage timber donated by 1-61 Infantry. The park consists of a playground in conjunction with the memorial. Trucks from 1-61 hauled fill to level off an area which will be used as a soccer field by the schools of Cam Lo. With the development of soccer field and soccer teams, it is hoped that greater unity will develop in the District. Both of these projects should contribute significantly to the morale of the District.

Special Equipment and Techniques:
a. Enemy rocket attacks on FSB A-4, A-1, C-2 and C-1 placed emphasis on counter mortar/rocket fire in the northern portion of the Brigade AO. Coordinated use of the assets of the 5th Bn, 4th Arty, 8th Bn, 4th Arty, ARVN Arty and naval gunfire, along with aerial observer adjustments proved to be effective against indirect fire attacks on bases. The enemy's capability to mount sustained attacks was greatly reduced by prompt target acquisition. The best target acquisition means proved to be air observers followed by ground observers Integrated Observation System (IOS) and radar. After a few mortar and rocket attacks, it was noted that the surveillance was so successful that accurate targets were located within two minutes of receiving fire, thereby precluding the necessity to fire automatic plans. Estimates of the situation and intelligence led to the belief that the NVA were employing multiple rocket sites of one to two rockets each. This led the target analysts to believe that the accuracy and responsiveness of the counter rocket fire caused the enemy to fragment his units to carry out his mission. The multiple targets were effectively engaged by employing every available artillery element within range through the direct control of the battalion FDC.

(C) Commander's Analysis:
a. "Operation Montana Mustang", though not intended to be a major operation such as the preceding one Lam Son 719 proved to be very critical because of the period of time in which it occurred. The following significant events contributed to making "Montana Mustang: a noteworthy operation:
(1) "Operation Lam Son 719" had just been completed. The duration and magnitude of this operation had placed great demands on both men and equipment. The operation which was to follow had to be one in which the primary mission of guarding the southern boundary of the DMZ could still be accomplished and at the same time recover to a high state of combat readiness.
(2) Enemy activity began to increase rapidly around the ARVN held FSB Fuller near the end of May and early June. Eventually, the FSB was overrun on 24 June 1971.
(3) The rice harvest during the period mid-May thru late June is a yearly attraction for VC/NVA to obtain food supply. However, there were only minor VC/NVA taxation reported in the lowlands.
(4) The NVA increased the frequency and volume of rocket and mortar attacks on FSB's along the DMZ.
(5) The 1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division (Mech) began a phased withdrawal near the end of the operation from its sector along the DMZ and subsequent turnover of Fire Support Bases to ARVN Forces.
b. All of the above mentioned events emphasized the need for close cooperation and coordination between US and GVN Forces. In the case of theattack on FSB Fuller and high probability of attacks on Cam Lo, Mai Loc and....

[Web Masters Note: While the Tables of Organization and Equipment {TOE} authorized the 1st Bn 61st Inf 908 men the actual present for duty number at the beginning of the time period covered in this report was 692, consisting of OFF-32, WO-1, EM-636, ATTACHED-23, not all of which were in the field.]
TF 1-61 Inf (Mech)
B/3-5 Cav
A/1-77 Arm
D/1-11 Inf

The following are entries for the 1/61st Infantry (Mechanized)
INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report - Montana Mustang - 080001H April 1971 - 111200H July 1971.
[Note: Some pages are missing from the documents received from NARA so some dates in June are not presented.]


8 April 1971:
 080415H       YD082502     C/2-94 received 5 unknown type rounds 200 meters South 
                            of their location.  No counterbattery fire was employed.
 081100H       YD061689     C/1-61 spotted and engaged 17 NVA 800 meters South 
                            and Northwest with small arms, 81mm and Arty fire.  D/3-5 
                            Cav took ground to air fire at YD157734 and engaged area 
                            with negative results.  Negative casualties.

09 April 1971:
 090755H       YD085686     1-61 found a TM-41 mine buried in a tank trail. The mine 
                            was blown in place.

13 April 1971:
 130900H       YD124701     A/1-61, enroute to AO, visually sighted 1x PM-60 mine 
                            North of the tank trail half buried and half covered with 
                            erosion.  The mine was evacuated to Bn S-2

15 April 1971:
  151930H      YD141695     2/B/1-61 took 7x 82mm rounds with negative casualties.
                            Counterbattery fire was employed on YD159702 with 
                            unknown results.
16 April 1971:
  161405H      YD161405     B/1-61 found 1-1/4 pound block of explosives, 30 82mm
                            rounds and 1 mortar firing position all of which were 
                            destroyed. 1 firing  device was located and evacuated
                            to Brigade S-2.

17 April 1971:
  171030H      YD112714     TF 1-61 found 1 8" Arty round on ground surface and 2 
                            buried metallic objects suspected to be more Arty
                            rounds. Rounds were destroyed in place.  No 
                            recent activity was indicated.

19 April 1971:
  191210H      YD174740     On S&C, C/1-61 found 1 Chicom claymore which was 
                            blown in place.
  191330H      YD167710.    B/1-61 received SAF 250 meters East of location from 
                            4-6 personnel--1 US WIA.  Organic fire was returned.
                            When Arty and mortars were employed the enemy 
                            fled southeast.  Area sweep indicated negative results.

20 April 1971:
  200950H      YD164702     Scts/1-61.  M113 detonated pressure activated TM-60 
                            blowing off 2 roadwheels-negative casualties. No 
                            recent area activity.

21 April 1971:
  210625H      YD168708     Scts/1-61 observed and engaged with organic weapons 
                            8 NVA moving North.  Arty block fire was used and 
                            an area sweep produced 1 NVA KIA, 1 AK-47, 3 
                            Chicom grenades and miscellaneous documents.
  211700H      YD079689     A/1-61.  A Bde Avn UH1H spotted 30-40 personnel in an
                            open area and received 51 cal MG fire.  Arty was
                            employed and D/3-5 took fire.  An airstrike resulted
                            in 7 bunkers destroyed. C/1-61 and A/3-5 swept 
                            area and received fire, moving back to employ Arty
                            once again with unknown results.  1 US WIA.

24 April 1971:
  241500H      YD168727     On S & C opn, Scts/1-61 located 2 TM-41 mines 50 
                            meters apart.  Mines were destroyed in place.

25 April 1971:
  250840H      YD131712     B/1-61.  M113, on S & C, detonated pressure activated 
                            PM-60 blowing off 2 roadwheels, putting hole in 
                            drivers compartment and damaging left final drive
                             --3 US WIA.  No recent area activity.
  250845H      YD163721     Scts/1-61.  M113 detonated pressure activated TM-41 
                            blowing off 2 roadwheels, damaging 3--negavtive
                            casualties. Another M113, moving to assist the
                            first vehicle, detonated another TM-41 with similar
                            damage--negative casualties.  No recent area
  250930H       YD163721    Scts/1-61 visually sighted 2 Tm-41 mines 20 meters 
                            apart and 20 meters from where the M113s had earlier
                            detonated mines. Mines were blown in place.  
                            No recent area activity.
  251450H       YD125733    B/1-61 discovered 8x 60mm rounds, destroyed 7 and 
                            evacuated 1 to S-2/1-61.  No recent activity.

26 April 1971:
  261545H       YD074677    A/1-61 visually detected 1 Tm-47 mine which was 
                            disarmed and evacuated to S-2/1-61.

27 April 1971:
  270900H       YD089650    On S & C, A/1-61 visually spotted 1 TM-46 on tank
                            trail. Mine was destroyed in place.

28 April 1971:
  281515H       YD095650    Scts/1-61.  M113 detonated a suspected 2 TM-41
                            stacked mines, blowing a hole in the hull and 
                            damaging the front sprocket and 4 roadwheels
                            --5 US WIA.

29 April 1971:
  290900H      YD122730     B/1-61 detected 1 TM-41 pressure activated mine 
                            which was destroyed in place.
  291020H      YD122730     C/1-61 spotted 4 NVA 800 meters Northeast in the 
                            open.  Arty employed with unknown results.  Tracker
                            team was requested and swept area with negative
  291425H      YD055656     2/B/1-61 spotted 15 NVA in the open 500 meters 
                            from their location.  Arty and mortars were used
                            and tracker  team swept area with negative results.

1 May 1971: 
  010835H      YD075643     C/1-61 received 4 82mm rounds--negative 
                            casualties or damage.  Counterbattery fire engaged
                            area.  Area swept with negative results.
  010815H      YD075643     B/1-61 M806 detonated 2 stacked non-metallic 
                            PM-60 mines blowing off 3 roadwheels and track.
                            Area swept prior to incident.  --3 US WIA.
  011040H      YD075643     D/1-61 M578 hit 2 stacked PM-60s blowing off
                            1 roadwheel--negative casualties.  Area swept 
                            prior to and after incident.

2 May 1971:       
  020911H      YD085645     C/1-61 M113 hit 2 stacked TM-41 mines 
                            blowing off 4 roadwheels and cracking hull
                            --negative casualties. 

5 May 1971:        
  051905H      YD092625     Scts/1-61 spotted 2 personnel 700 meters 
                            North of Location.  Arty employed with negative

09 May 1971:        
  092125H      YD117701     1-61  A-4 took 4 rounds suspected 122mm 
                            rockets, 2 landing 200 meters South and 2
                            landing 300 meters Northwest--no casualties 
                            or damage from rockets.  Counterbattery 155mm
                            --unknown results. 

11 May 1971:         
  111050H      YD082622     B/1-61 took 2 RPG rounds--negative casualties
                            or damage.  Arty employed with unknown results.
                            Area checked--negative results.

17 May 1971:        
  171440H      XD087652     1-61 visually found 1 TM-41 half buried in tank 
                            trail which had been there for some time.  Mine 
                            was blown in place. 

20 May 1971:         
  201712H     YD135646      CP/1-61 took 10 x 122mm rockets landing near
                            or in the perimeter--2 US WIA.  
                            At the same time A-4 received 4 122mm rockets
                            --1 US WIA.  
                            On second sighting D/3-5 engaged area and 
                            received SAF with negative hits. 

21 May 1971:         
  211045H     YD156742      D/3-5  A/1-61   D/3-5 took SAF while spotting 2
                            caches.  At 1045H Charlie Horse 45 sighted 2 
                            rocket caches and 2 bunkers. At 1100H 1/A/1-61
                            was inserted, spotted 3 NVA to North which 
                            Charlie Horse engaged--3 NVA KIA.  A LOH 
                            took SAF and was forced to land, secured by 
                            1/A/1-61, and at 1130H again took SAF and 1 
                            RPG round. At 1150H Charlie Horse replacement 
                            was hit by rockets, and LOH crashed and burned.
                            2 US  WIA were taken from the burning craft. 
                            1/A/1-61 secured aircraft and 2 US WIA were 
                            dusted off. At 1320H the first downed aircraft was 
                            extracted. At 1335H the following was found at 1st 
                            cache:12 x 122mm rocket, 1 x 122mm tripod, 1 x 
                            122mm tube, 1 x 122mm sight, 1 AK-47, 4 Chicom
                            grenades and miscellaneous documents.  3 KIA
                            were at this location--A/1-61 destroyed 1 bunker 
                            with overhead cover.  At 1405H 3/A/1-61 arrived 
                            at the second site, finding:  1 x 122mm tube, 1x 
                            122mm tripod, 4 x 122mm rockets, 25 x 82mm 
                            rounds, 3 boxes 82mm fuses, 5 cans 82mm 
                            charges and 1 RPG warhead --destroyed 5 bunkers
                            with overhead cover.  All material was evacuated
                            to 517th MID.        
  211735H    C-2            1-61 started to receive 122mm rockets equipped
                            with delayed fuzes.  Altogether 11 rockets landed 
                            within the perimeter.  At 1744H the seventh rocket 
                            struck the club bunker which was occupied by an 
                            estimated 65-70 personnel.  The bunker collapsed
                            on those inside and rescue operations were begun
                            immediately.  All available personnel and equipment
                            were requested and employed, and C/1-61 arrived 
                            from Quang Tri CB as a reaction force at 2100H. 
                            Excavation rescue and dustoff activities finally 
                            ceased at approximately 0200H on 22 May.  From the
                            incident there were 29 KIA's and 33 WIA's.         
  212250H      C-2          1-61 took 4x 82mm rounds from the Southwest landing
                            150 meters outside the perimeter. Arty was employed.
                            --IOS reported direct hit.

22 May 1971:      
  220820H      YD073678     B/1-61 took 8x 82mm rounds--negative casualties and 
                            damage.  Counterbattery was fired on SEL and area 
                            searched with negative results.

25 May 1971:         
  251040H      YD078639     C/1-61.  M113 hit 2 stacked TM-41 pressure activated 
                            mines--5 US WIA.  2 roadwheels and final right drive 
                            were blown off.  Area swept after incident by mine 
                            detector and dog team with negative results.

26 May 1971:         
  261325H      YD108713     3/B/1-61 M113 detonated a 4.2" round stacked
                            on top of a TM-41 mine, flew 10' into the air, landed
                            in a crater and overturned.  All roadwheels and arms
                            were blown off on left side, 1 roadwheel and arm on 
                            right side. TM-41 was found undetonated and was 
                            destroyed in place.-- 1 US KIA, 3 US WIA.        
  261430H      YD120723     B/1-61 found 4.2" round which was boobytrapped.  
                            When destroyed in place a mine under it was also

27 May 1971:
  270845H      YD145707     B/1-61. M113 set off 2 stacked TM-41 mines blowing
                            off 2 roadwheels on left and 1 on right side. --4 US 
                            WIA. Area swept prior to and after incident with
                            mine dog. No recent area activity.
  271025H      YD145707     B/1-61 visually spotted 1 TM-41 on tank trail
                            which was destroyed in place.  
  271137H      YD084626     Scts/1-61 found 10 bunkers which had been used in 2-3
                            previous days. Inside was found: 30 x 82mm rounds
                            with fuzes, 3 x 60mm rounds, 3 Chicom grenades, 9
                            TM-41 mines, 8 TM-46 Mines and 3 TM-60 mines, all of 
                            which were destroyed in place with the bunker.

29 May 71:
  290845H      YD137718     Scts/1-61 visually spotted 1 TM-41 which was blown in 
                            place. Area swept with negative results
  291218/1332H YD135646     CP/1-61 took 26x 122mm rockets, 14 outside 
                            perimeter, the rest inside causing light damage to a 
                            bunker with negative casualties.  Adjust Arty and 2 
                            airstrikes were called on SEL with negative assessments

31 May 1971:
   310730/0930H YD084639    1/C/1-61 found 38 mines along sides of tank trail--34 
                            TM-41 and 4 TM-46.  Mines were destroyed in place. Dogs
                            found 1 mine, mine detectors 2; the rest were spotted 
                            visually or by probing. Mines appeared to have been 
                            planted the previous night.

1 June 1971
   010800H      YD084639    C/1-61 visually spotted 2 TM-41 mines which were 
                            destroyed in place. They were thought to have been 
                            planted the previous night
   011445H      YD084639    C/1-61 took 2 RPG rounds from Southwest--negative
                            casualties. 81mm and Arty engaged YD083625 causing 1 
                            secondary explosion. Area searched with negative 
3 June 1971:
   031254/1430H YD117701    1-61 took 22 x 120mm rounds and 4 x 122mm rockets
                            --negative casualties or damage.  81mm and 4.2" 
                            mortars placed fire on SEL silencing the 120mm
                            position with unknown results.
  031254/1823H  YD135646    C-2 took 99 x 122mm rockets during this time period. 
                            77 landing inside perimeter.  2 US KIA, 1 x 122mm 
                            rocket site and launcher destroyed, 25x 122mm 
                            rockets destroyed.
  031400H       YD104628.   1/B/1-61 visually spotted 1 TM-41 mine and blew it
                            in place. No recent area activity.

4 June 1971:
  041725/1750H  YD135646    1-61 took 12 x 122mm rockets, 10 inside and 2 
                            outside perimeter--2 US WIA.  3 PPS-5 radars 
                            damaged.  Counterbattery was fired with unknown
  041825/1945H  YD117701    1-61 took 22 x 122mm rockets inside perimeter. 
                            2 US WIA.  Arty and 4.2" fire caused 3 secondary
                            explosions on SEL.

6 June 1971:
  061905H       YD087630    Scts/1-61, while setting up night ambush sites,
                            took 6-8x 60mm rounds--1 US KIA, 2 US WIA.  Arty
                            fired at SEL--4-6 NVA spotted by RF at these locations.

7 June 1971:
  070135H       YD135646    1-61 spotted 7 personnel outside wire and engaged
                            with M16 and M79 while 81mm--contact broken 0255H
                            with no return fire from enemy.
  071530H       YD067694.   B/1-61 took 8 x 82mm rounds--negative casualties 
                            or damage.  Arty adjusted on SEL silencing mortars.

8 June 1971:     
  081030H       YD103626    2/B/1-61 visually spotted 2 stacked TM-41 mines 
                            on tank trail which were destroyed in place.
  081555H       YD099627    B/1-61 found 2 TM-41 through use of mine detector.
                            Mines were destroyed in place.  No recent activity.

9 June 1971:
  090710H       YD113627    B/1-61 mine dog located 2 PM-60s stacked in tank
                            trail and through use of mine detector 1 TM-41. 
                            All 3 were blown in place.         
  091825H       YD073625    1/B/1-61 heard voices and engaged area with SAF
                            --1 NVA KIA.  1 AK-47 with 2 magazines, 1 
                            binoculars, 1 map, several Chicom grenades and
                            other miscellaneous items were captured.

10 June 1971:
  101425H       YD127724    1/C/1-61 on S & C found 2 stacked TM-41s 
                            which were blown in place.

12 June 1971: 
 121615H        YD165653    A/1-61 M113, while starting brush fire, tripped a
                            flare which bounced back into another M113 which
                            caught fire and was considered a combat loss.

13 June 1971:
  130910H       YD125724    1/C/1-61 visually spotted 2 TM-41 mines which
                            were blown in place.  No recent area activity
  131200H       YD086640    A/1-61 visually spotted 1 TM-41 stacked on 
                            TM-46 on side of tank trail.  Mines were blown in 

14 June 1971:
  140745H       YD134714    C/1-61 M-125 set off TM-41 stacked on a 4.2"
                            buried in tank trail blowing off 2 roadwheels and 
                            sprocket --3 US WIA.  Area swept prior to and 
                            after incident with detectors and mine dogs.
  140930H       YD135726    2/C/1-61 visually spotted 2 stacked TM-41 mines
                            which were blown in place.  No recent area activity.

17 June 1971:
  170740H       YD123713    B/1-61 visually spotted 2 stacked TM-41s which 
                            were destroyed in place. 1 non-metallic mine was 
                            discovered 100 meters north and was also blown 
                            in place.

18 June 1971:
  181415H        YD098637   Scts/1-61 took 2 RPG rounds lightly damaging 
                            M113--5 US WIA.  Mortar and Arty engaged SEL 
                            with unknown results.  Area swept with negative 

20 June 1971:      
  200920H        YD124614   A/1-61 visually spotted a TM-41 which was 
                            destroyed in place.
  200920H        YD096677   B/1-61 & A/1-77 took 3-5 rounds RPG, 1 M48A3
                            taking 2-3 RPG rounds--2 US KIA, 1 US WIA.
                            Area engaged with organic weapons, mortar 
                            and Arty fire.  At 1125H, pursuing RPG team, 
                            unit took 2 x 82mm rounds 800 meters from 
                            location.  At 1320H they engaged and captured
                            1 NVA who was medevaced to 18th Surg but 
                            died of wounds.  1 AK-47 and 4 Chicom grenades
                            were captured.         
  201340/1346H   YD094673   Scts & B/1-61 took 8x 120mm rounds, the closest
                            75 meters from location.  Arty employed with 
                            unknown results.

21 June 1971: 
  211000/1815H   YD117701   A-4 took 8 rounds 120mm, 5 hitting 8/4 Arty, 3
                            outside perimeter--negative casualties or damage.
                            At 1645H FB took 8 120mm rounds inside perimeter.
                            1 Q-4 radar damaged.  At 1815H FB took 1 x 122mm 
                            rocket outside perimeter--negative casualties or 
  211223H        YD096626.  A/1-77 & B/1-61 took 3 RPG round damaging 
                            2 x M113 and burning 1 M113--negative casualties.  
                            SAF and Arty employed-1 NVA KIA, 1 AK-47 captured. 
  211323H        YD093637   C/1-61 spotted and engaged 4 NVA--SAF and
                            2 RPG rounds were returned by enemy--5 NVA KIA.  
                            2 AK-47s, 5 AK-47 magazines, 1 B-40 launcher, 4 
                            Chicom grenades and documents were captured.
  211415H        YD097674   B/1-61 took 6 x 120mm rounds--negative 
                            casualties or damage.  Counterbattery was fired 
                            with unknown results.
  211645H        C-2.       1-61 took 5 x 122mm rockets--negative casualties
                            or damage.  Arty engaged--1 secondary explosion,
                            12 bunkers destroyed; 1 NVA KBA by 155mm fire; 
                            2 secondary explosions by 8" Arty fire.

22 June 1971:
  220945H        YD088635   C/1-61 spotted 1 NVA 150-200 meters from 
                            location and engaged with SAF and Arty with 
                            unknown results
  221115H        YD099633   C/1-61 found 8 TM-46 mines stacked in pairs.
                            All mines were blown in place
  221305H        YD158743   B/1-61 spotted 7 NVA and used 81mm and Arty
                            --area swept with negative results.
  221330H        YD098622   C/1-61 took 10 x 82mm rounds while waiting for 
                            dustoff--1 US WIA.  Counterbattery was fired
                            with unknown results.        
  221705H        C-2.       1-61 took 6x 122mm rockets--negative casualties
                            or damage, 3 inside and 3 outside perimeter.Arty 
                            employed on SEL--2 bunkers and 1 x 122mm
                            launcher destroyed, 2 secondary explosions.
  221705H        A-4.       FB took 2 x 122mm rockets which landed outside

23 June 1971 
  230220H        A-4        1-61 took 12 x 122mm rockets inside perimeter, 4
                            x  81mm rounds North of perimeter.  Arty and 4.2" 
                            employed on SEL with unknown results.
  230220/0315H   DHCB       Took 23 x 122mm rockets--3 US WIA.  Arty fired
                            on SEL with unknown results
  230501H        C-2        1-61 took 5 x 122mm rockets inside wire--negative
                            casualties or damage.  Arty employed with unknown
  231535H        C-2        1-61 took 5 x 122mm rockets from SEL.  D/3-5 
                            sighted 1 rocket and expended ammo with unknown 
                            results.  Arty employed with unknown results.
  231730H        C-2 & A-4  C-2 took 4 unknown type rounds and A-4 took
                            9 x 120mm rounds from SEL.  D/3-5 expended
                            and FAC Arty was used with unknown results
  23150H         5km NE of Fuller CO/B/2-17 Cav was shot down--all crew
                            extracted. At 0845H FSB Fuller came under indirect 
                            fire --12 ARVN WIA.  At 1615H they were under 
                            ground and indirect fire attack.  At 1905H they 
                            took 82mm rounds, SAF and CS and prepared to 
                            evacuate.  At 2030H FSB was evacuated.        
 232120H         C-2        1-61 took 13 x 122mm rockets, 12 inside
                            perimeter--negative casualties or damage.  FAC 
                            adjusted Arty on SEL--5 secondary explosions.

24 June 1971:    
  240145H        C-2        Took 5x 122mm rockets, 4 inside perimeter--
                            negative casualties or damage.  At 0255H they
                            took 4 x 122mm rockets inside perimeter--negative 
                            casualties or damage. Counterbattery was fired on
                            SEL.  Between 1020H and 1200H they took 18 x 122
                            mm rockets inside perimeter--negative casualties
                            or damage.         
  241020/1200H   A-4        1-61 took 39 x 120mm rounds--2 US WIA,
                            negative damage. Counterbattery and airstrike were
                            employed on 3 SEL--3 secondary explosions.  At 
                            1420H unit took 10 x 120mm rounds--3 US WIA, 
                            negative damage.  Counterbattery was fired on 2 
                            SEL--2 secondary  explosions.

26 June 1971:
  261718H        YD074604   C/1-77 & C/1-61 took 3 RPG rounds and AK-47 fire
                            --1 US WIA.  Organic weapons and 81mm fire were 
                            returned with unknown results.

27 June 1971:
  271335H        YD124596   Vietnamese children showed C/1-61 the location of
                            2 stacked TM-60 mines which were blown in place.

28 June 1971:
  280645/0945H    C-2.      Base took 9 x 122mm rockets damaging 3x 2-1/2 and
                            1 x 1/4 ton truck trailer.  7 rounds landed inside the
                            perimeter--Negative casualties.
  280645/0945H    A-4       Base took 24 x 120mm rounds, 12 inside perimeter
                            --1 US KIA, 1 US WIA.  Arty and 4.2" were utilized on SEL.
                            B/1-61 swept area and took 9 x 82mm rounds 400 meters 
                            from location--negative casualties or damage.

29 June 1971:
  291325H         YD125727  2/C/1-61 engaged 2-3 NVA at 300 meters with 81mm
                            and Arty fire.  Area sweep revealed 2 NVA KIA and 2
                            AK-47s captured. 

2 July 1971:
  021240H         YD129732  2/C/1-61 visually spotted TM-41 which was blown in place.

4 July 1971:
  041005H         YD119725  1/B/1-61 found 2 buried TM-41s which were destroyed in 
                            place.  At 1030H they visually spotted 2 stacked TM-41s which
                            were blown in place.  No recent area activity.
  041320H         YD094678  1/A/1-61 visually sighted 3 PM-60 which were not planted
                            or had fuzes set and were evacuated to S2/1-61.