By 2 NOV units of the 5th DIV had closed on the west bank of the MEUSE RIVER north of BRIEULLES. Before first light on the morning of the 3rd elements of the 11th INF crossed the river but could not cross the canal. Heavy artillery fire destroyed their foot-bridge and they were trapped on the low ground between the river and the canal. That evening another bridge was built and reinforcements crossed the river. While this action diverted the German attention, the 60th and 61st REGT crossed the MEUSE further to the north by using small boats and then constructing two bridges.

At dawn of the 5th, German artillery destroyed these bridges. Led by CAPT. E. C. ALLWORTH (awarded Congressional Medal of Honor for this action), troops from both the 60th and 61st swam the canal and captured the German positions on Hill 260. This forced the Germans on Hill 252 to withdraw. The 5th DIV rapidly crossed the MEUSE and the canal. By dark on the evening of the 5th the crossing was complete and the MEUSE Valley in allied hands.

Of this operation GEN Pershing wrote: "This operation was one of the most brilliant military feats in the history of the American Army in France. . . . Henceforth, the 5th will be called the Meuse Division". However the more prosaic "Red Devils" used by the Germans remains the Division nickname.