The Army's new armored vehicle family is known as the LAV III. It will be manufactured in two major variants, the Mobile Gun System and the Infantry Carrier Vehicle. The prime contractor for their production is GM General Dynamics Land Systems Defense Group LLC.
The Mobile Gun System LAV III will mount a 105mm canon that is similar to the original gun on the M-1 tank. A prototype is shown here undergoing firing tests.

The Infantry Carrier Vehicle will have a number of different configurations. They include:
          Troop Carrier
          Mortar Carrier
          Anti Tank Guided Missile (TOW) Vehicle
          Reconnaissance Vehicle
          Fire Support Vehicle
          Engineer Support Vehicle
          Command Vehicle
          Medical Evacuation Vehicle
          NBC Vehicle

Currently (2005) the LAV III vehicles have been modified and named the Stryker after Medal of Honor winner Spc. 4 Robert F. Stryker (C/1/26/1st DIV), who received the award for his actions during the Vietnam War, and Pfc. Stuart S. Stryker (E/513/17nd Airborne DIV), who received the award for his actions during World War II. (The two are not related.) The vehicles are now in combat in Iraq. Armor has been added to include anti RPG slats (shades of the old RPG screens in Nam) and belly plates, among other modifications.

They still burn.

Troops of A/1/24
And Infantry still dismounts to do the real work.