OPERATION RICH - 25 October1968

The fighting around Kinh Mon is still alive in the memory of many people, including some who never stepped foot in Vietnam. Writer Jim Hooper, brother of a Catkiller pilot who provided support to 1-61 at a crucial moment, has spent years trying to piece together what happened on 25 October 1968. Drawing on the personal recollections of men who were there and integrating them with radio logs and spot reports from field units (it is amazing what records the National Archives have), he has put the events of that day into chronological sequence which he has given me permission to present here. For historians and participants alike, this long and detailed document is well worth the time it takes to read, and then read again. Inasmuch as the following will appear as a chapter in the book he is writing about the Catkillers, and eventually be included in the National Archives files on Kinh Mon, Jim invites anyone who was there to offer corrections, comments or additions through this site or email him directly

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