With a mission of patrols all day and ambushes all night it was not an easy task to find a new location to set up each night. This was especially true with twenty-four APCs and four M-48 Main Battle Tanks as part of the crowd. While having a different night location has merit in that it reduces harassing fire, sometimes it is just not worth the effort. This was one of those times. The CO, A/1/61, made a decision to ignore his own policy and set up a sort of permanent position. The work that would have gone into digging in a new position was used to prepare improved fighting positions. Overhead cover, grenade sumps, RPG screens, secondary and alternate fighting positions. Concertina wire, sandbags and Claymores were brought in by helicopter. There was even a nearby stream for water and bathing. What had started as an NDP was now a full up combat outpost. And the troops gave it a name. Dizzy Dean was the name of a famous old time baseball player. It was also the name of the A Company CO.

The sign may be rough but the unit pride show through, bright and clear.