In case you have not noticed, the troops do not eat C Rations anymore. In fact C Rats are hard to find and when you do find them they cost lots. Collectors and re enactors go wild for them. BUT... if you would like to relive the gourmet delights of chow in the field, here is a menu that you can prepare at home. Children, donít try this. These are professionals at work.

Appetizer: Points of toast with peanut pate. (Stale crackers with dry peanut butter)

Soup: gaspacho Poulet(In canteen cup combine chicken bouillon cube, water and Texas Pete hot sauce. Stir but do not heat)

Salad: Greens Provincial (Local grass, leaves and bamboo shoots dressed with Soy Sauce)

Main Course: Hunterís Stew en Casserole Gratin (In wiped out helmet without liner, combine canned stew with Cheese Whiz and Texas Pete hot sauce. Crumble stale crackers over top. Heat over Sterno or heat tab.)

Side: Beans (cold) (Still in the can. If there is no grease on top, add half cup of old bacon grease)

Desert: Pound Cake a la Fruits du Season (Small piece of store bought pound cake covered with store brand fruit cocktail served on waxed cardboard)

Beverage: Coffee, Chocolate and Spring Water (Instant coffee and instant cocoa made with chlorine flavored warm, not hot, water. Spring water from the tap with chlorine added. Normally served in raw edged tin can)