As every student of the military art knows, an understanding of the terrain in which you are working is most important. Often it has been said that time spent on reconnaissance is never wasted. With that in mind a study of the area near the DMZ is worth an investment of the gentle viewer’s time. While sometimes a map reconnaissance is all that can be done, a look at the actual ground is always better. Your helicopter is landing now. Click on it and you will see the entire area from a great altitude.(Set your browser to "FULL SCREEN" for best viewing.) Then descend for a closer view. Click on various points of interest and see pictures of your selection. Continue your reconnaissance and continue to learn about the land where so many men fought and died. After you have flown the entire area return to the main text and enjoy the presentation. You have "Blade Time" for at least 25 stops and the artillery has checked fire. You are free to roam and you have a DMZ qualified air crew. Remember though, the air crew just drives the bus, you have to decide where it stops.